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The program offers financial rewards to people who refer new customers to our company. For example, Sarah learned about the program from a friend who was already using the ChannelManager system. Sarah has her own website design business and was impressed by the ChannelManager products and expert service and knew that ChannelManager would complement her business with its all-in-one Property Management system, Online Travel Agent Updater, and direct website secure booking link that she would use on hotel websites she designs, so she decided to join the ChannelManager referral program.

As she began referring hotels, cottages, villas and resorts to ChannelManager, Sarah discovered the many benefits of being a part of the ChannelManager referral team. Not only did she earn financial rewards for each successful referral, but she also felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that she was helping people in the hotel industry find a great product and service.

As time went on, Sarah’s network grew and she became one of the top referrers in the program. She received even more rewards and recognition from ChannelManager, and the hotels appreciated her for introducing them to such a good system with great customer service.

In the end, Sarah realized that the ChannelManager partner referral program was not only a great way to earn rewards but also an opportunity to help hotel managers to manage their business more efficiently and maximize their revenue. She encouraged another website designer and colleagues she knew to join the program and experience the benefits for themselves.

So, if you’re looking for a way to earn extra money and rewards, help others, and represent a successful company, then you should certainly consider joining our partner referral program.

Please contact us direct for more information on our ChannelManager partner referral program.

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Create value through our cutting edge strategies and technical solutions for customers, partners and travelers in order to develop effective global hotel market.

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To become one of the leading companies for technical and market solutions in the hotel market industry.

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Colin and Jeanette Hatcher have spent many decades in the industry owning and managing hotels throughout Australia. They understand the everyday issues that effects Hoteliers of all sizes and have addressed these through creating ChannelManager and its comprehensive inbuilt Property Management System. Colin and Jeannette have used their extensive industry experience to share the advantages and benefits of using ChannelManager with the hotel industry in Australia and the rest of the world creating the original Channel Manager.

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